Week 1 WeeklyAIT

Assignments this week – Vinyl figure – Self portrait – Basic shapes

Vinyl Figure Drawing

Assignment to draw a vinyl figure from a model

I started with graphite pencil, drawing the basic outline of the head and body. I then continued by adding definition to the head, along with shading. I then went to the body again, adding the arms and some shading.

Vinyl figure

Self Portrait

Assignment to draw a self portrait with both the drawing and the reference image upside down

Using graphite pencil on plain paper, I began with the simple shapes of the glasses and the nose. I then drew the outlines for the hair, chin, and neck. I proceeded by adding the headphone cup, and mouth. I then sketched in the shoulders and arm/hand. Finally I added shading to the chin and cheak, some texture to the hair, some colour (in grayscale) to the glasses and headphones, and then added a few details to the shirt and arm.

Self Portrait

Basic Shapes Drawing

Assignment to draw basic shapes from a model

To draw this image, I used graphite pencil on plain white paper. I begin by drawing the basic outlines of all the shapes from the reference image I took of the model. From there I shaded the shadows cast by the objects on each other, making sure to have them consistent with the lighting. Finally I shaded any gaps between the objects that had shadow, along with shadow cast on the table the objects were sitting on.

Basic Shapes