From the chaos

Humans are a fickle creature, constantly adapting and evolving to their environment. Changing their environment towards their own use, they effect the world. But long after they are gone, there will be yet another creature that effects the world. And another. And another. Each changing the world, leaving behind a smidgen of information. But even that fades over time. And yet they come and they go, again, and again, and again. Being born. Learning. Dying. Time moves on. Nothing really changes. Not on any scale that the universe will notice anyway. And maybe some will build monuments, giant creations, to leave their mark forever. But no, nothing is forever. Stars die, species go extinct, time moves on. And nothing really changes. The universe expands. The universe contracts. Chaos wins out. But, in all of these, there is one thing. One of the first complex creations to form through the noise of the universe. Not just on one planet. Sometimes living, sometimes dead. Their tendrils sinking deep into the ground. Deep into time. Holding together worlds. Providing life. Species die. They all do. But in some form or another, there will always be the trees. Somewhere, somehow, they continue to grow. Providing shelter, food, material, stability. Because in the chaos, nothing lasts. Nothing stays the same. But it's all held together by snake-like straws. Because in the end, only the trees remain.

Orginal prompt:

“In the end, only the trees still stand”