I'm sick and tired of all these people, even the ones who do care about disabled people, making ablest remarks and doing ablest things. Ableism, like racism, is something that you have to unlearn constantly. If you are abled you are ablest. You can't just go “oh I support disabled people I'm not ablest” because that's not true. You are. Ableism is engrained into society. Making fun of someone for not getting something immediately? That's ablest. Videos with jokey subtitles? That's ablest. (while accurate subtitles with small extra gags are good, subtitles that are stuff like “why are you reading this, this is a song” or just gibberish are extremely annoying for people who need them). So many little life choices are ablest. You remember that whole thing about Plastic straws and wanting to ban them? I would have been dangerous dehydrated because I need those to be able to actually drink enough water to stay hydrated. Ableism is building a building and choosing asthetics over accessability. Ableism is making fun of famous people for being unable to do something. Ableism is saying X is gross nomater what and not considering some people don't get a choice in it. Ablesism is refusing to wait 5 minutes for someone to finish something just because you want to get something done now. Ableism is not listening when somebody says “it's too loud” or “it's too bright”. Turning it down a bit doesn't hurt you but leaving it up does. Ableism is engrained in society too, in “accessabile” buildings with ramps way too steep for wheelchairs, “but there are ramps!”. It's in public spaces that are designed to hit all your senses at once. It's in cringe culture, it's in internet “humour” it's in everything. Don't call yourself an activist for fair rights if you refuse to consider disabled in it. Gay marriage? Yeah that's great, doesn't help that I can't marry anyone or my benifits are largely reduced. No more gay conversation thearpy? Yeah that's cool but what about all the mentally ill and disabled people who go through programs literally based off of it? If you don't support everyone don't say you do.