Self Help

Recently I've been having trouble with one of my disabilities getting worse. It's resulted in me feeling like I'm a terrible person for not being able to push through it to be normal.

But during this, I found an amazing technique to help me feel less bad about it. Rather then talking to myself about it, and how terrible I am, I instead act as if I'm comforting a friend, and write/think/speak in that way.

When I do this, I notice that even though to me I'm still telling the truth, or what I see as the truth, it completely flips the mood of the thing. Rather then feeling bad and talking about how horrible I am, I talk about how it's okay, and completely normal. How most people go through this in their life, just usual when they are older, but that doesn't change anything. It doesn't make me lesser just because it's earlier.

It's very easy to put yourself down, but much harder to put a friend down. As a result you start to see your own bad thought patterns, and realise that that's what they are. Bad thought patterns.

You're not wrong, or bad, or lazy, or anything along those lines. That's your brain telling you things, because it's the standard you put yourself at subconsciously, and not meeting that standard is bad in your mind.

So act as if you're supporting a friend, because you don't hold them to as high a standard, and quickly you will see how over the top your standards are, to the point that they aren't achievable for you